The Fearless Five

A group of five schoolchildren have just finished sixth class and are looking forward to their hazy, lazy summer holidays; but their lives change forever when these pleasant, good natured, mild-mannered kids plan (of all things) a heist and manage to become the Most Wanted Kids In Ireland – the inimitable Fearless Five!

You see, Jonny’s mum is ill, I mean really ill, and his best friend Jeremy decides that the only way to save her is to send her to the United States of America, where everybody knows they can cure anything. The only snag is that trips like that cost money, and Jonny and Jeremy are broke. So Jeremy enlists the help of their pals Sumo and Walker, as well as newcomer Charlie, for his highly illegal (and highly improbable to work) get-rich-quick-cum-get-well-soon scheme.

Will the Fearless Five be able to pull it off, evade the law and save the day? Or are some days just simply beyond saving, no matter how very hard they try?

The Fearless Five is a sad, funny and ultimately uplifting story, well told, with fantastically mad-but-believable characters and sparkling, truthful dialogue. Anna McPartlin, the adult-alter-ego of Fearless Five author Bannie, is a successful novelist who has proven to have a deft touch for children’s fiction. I look forward to her next kids’ book.