The Giant’s Causeway (In A Nutshell)

This is the sixth in a series of ancient Irish legends, each delightfully retold by Ann Carroll. Suitable for children who have just achieved independence in their reading, this story serves as a stimulating introduction to the body of Irish legends so beloved of young children. 

The story of Fionn’s encounter with the Scottish giant is a perennial favourite and here, Carroll adopts an amusing tone in her retelling, which will appeal to the younger reader. The language and cadence is very twenty-first century, which provides a familiar entry route to the newly independent reader. The stories in this series are also very suitable as read-aloud bedtime adventures. There is a very useful pronunciation guide at the back of this book, which will help those unfamiliar with the Irish language to make an attempt at sounding out the less usual words. Derry Dillon’s illustrations are very appealing. Simple black and white drawings throughout, they complement the wry tone of Carroll’s work very well. They are a wonderful addition to this story and to the others in the series. 

Highly recommended series.