The Gift Of Darkhollow

This sequel to Podkin One-Ear is a continuation of the young rabbit’s adventures with his sister Paz and brother Pook through the burrows of The Five Realms, in his quest to become the leader of his clan and continue the fight against the fearsome, iron-corrupted Gorm. With his fabled dagger, as well as a new Gift allowing ‘moonstriding’, or dancing between shadows, he bounds his way through the sweet, humorous and at parts hair-raising story, told by a travelling bard rabbit to his promising protégée.

The book harks back to Tolkien-esque classic fantasy, blending its tropes with not only animal adventure story in the tradition of Watership Down and Redwall, but also containing themes of epic magic. Yet, the story is, quite literally, grounded; Larwood’s masterful and completely immersive world building of dandelion wine drinking hearty rabbits and David Wyatt’s intricate line drawings combine to create a deliciously earthy realm that teems with mystical lore, animal instincts and a real sense of myth and history.

This delightful series, perfect for young fantasy enthusiasts, tickles the imagination and illustrates the power of storytelling. It touchingly celebrates bravery, the natural world and the way in which the littlest of things can make a difference.