The Goat

When a young girl named Kid moves into an apartment block in Manhattan from Toronto, she has no idea what awaits her. Shy and rather anxious, she misses her school, her friends and, most of all her cat. But New York City has a lot of unusual things to offer. In her building alone, there is a blind, skate-boarding writer in the penthouse, a man who can’t speak and his wife, a very smartly-dressed hamster-owning man and then there’s the mountain goat. Most believe the goat is just a rumour and don’t have time for such nonsense in their busy lives, but one or two know more than they will say. Kid is determined to find the truth. And the goat simply longs for freedom… and food.

This short novel is a real gem! A quirky story, an off-beat collection of well-drawn characters, a road trip or two, an unusual, yet typical family and yes, a goat combine to create a story that is, at its heart about healing and recovery. But it is light-hearted and fun, filled with joy, sorrow, frustration and laughter. The goat in the story becomes the centrepiece bringing these individuals together; creating a community accepting of one another’s differences. This mystery/adventure tale is gentle, yet filled with action and interest. The writing is fluid, painting images and emotions that are relatable and make the reader want more. Some characters find closure; others do not. As for the goat, you’ll have to read it to find out.