The Great Aaa-Ooo!

As Mouse scampers along a branch, he hears a horrible howl ringing through the deep, dark wood. One by one, the animals of the forest clamber up the tree, perturbed by the awful sound. As Owl, Bear, Moose, Goose, Dove and Cub group together to ponder the mystery of the monstrous cry, the branches of the tree soon begin to buckle…

Lambert builds up anticipation nicely in this cumulative tale. The initial sense of foreboding is perfectly deflated in a reassuring resolution which demonstrates that our worries and fears are not always as bad as they seem. This sweet tale is sure to comfort any reader fearful of the dark and the noisy monsters which might inhabit it.

The narrative is largely comprised of a variety of animal calls and sound effects, making this an ideal read-aloud. Readers will also delight in the rhymes, alliterations and onomatopoeias of the text.

While the solid black background adds to the sense of foreboding, Lambert’s digital illustrations use earthy tones, rounded figures and a glossy effect to ensure that the woodland creatures remain cute and lively.

To all those little noisemakers out there, The Great Aaa-Ooo is calling you!