The Kew Gardens Children’s Cookbook

The name Kew Gardens is synonymous with excellence in horticulture, and in this book that quality shines through. The concept of a cookbook that not only encourages time in the kitchen, but moreover makes children aware of how to grow their own fruit, vegetables and herbs, is one that will inspire both children and their parents, grandparents and teachers. It is a beautifully designed guide that provides clear step by step instructions for planting and growing, and also cooking written by Joe Archer, the kitchen garden horticulturalist at Kew Gardens, and Caroline Craig, a food writer.

The first half of the book is brightly laid out; introducing how plants grow, how to prepare your own patch of garden, healthy eating and food preparation. The second half explains how to grow each plant, followed by a delicious recipe in which that vegetable is the star. From delicious potato cakes to onion soup, from beetroot chocolate loaf to chilli hot chocolate, there’s a wealth of clever dishes, with simple ingredients that taste great.

The satisfaction of growing and eating their own food is sure to encourage children to have fun in the garden and in the kitchen, and more importantly set up positive food choices and healthy attitudes to eating. Most of the recipes will require adult supervision and assistance, and some of the recipes require an adventurous palate, but this book is a terrific addition to the bookshelf of any budding gardener or chef.