The Last Spell Breather

Spell Breathing is the only thing that keeps the village safe from the monster curse that plagues the world. And for Rayne, Spell Breathing does not come easily. Now her mothers’ apprentice, she spends hours upon hours learning the spells, transcribing scrolls and examining a spellbook imbedded with grotesques that snap and bite. Rayne hates it. She doesn’t want to be a Spell Breather. Just one wrong word; one wrong breath will mean disaster. The day her mother  journeys to the Great Library leaving Rayne alone, one clumsy, ill-tempered action breaks the fragile magic, bringing monster curse thundering in and endangering everyone. Rayne sets off across a treacherous landscape with the broken spellbook, Tom (who resents magic) and a fox conjured by the Spell of Finding to set things right. But when Rayne arrives at the Great Library, awaiting her is threat greater than she could imagine.

This book casts its spell from page one. It crackles with imagination and a well-paced plot filled with twists and surprises. With lyrically woven story-telling and wondrous attention to detail, the reader is sent into a dream-like world that is both fantastical and strangely real. Rayne is a marvellous character; young, energetic, flawed and determined. Care is taken with each character, allowing them to shine as individuals. Flawless writing, a unique and enchanted landscape, a touch of humour; all combine to tell a story that is truly magical. And it is an amazing testament to the power of words. I loved every word.