The Littlest Witch

Sybilla is the youngest of seven daughters, and her bright red hair isn’t the only thing that is different about her. A pet parrot and hostile cat act as guardians to her. She floats in water and she can fly on a broomstick. Meanwhile, the selfish and greedy Alfonso attempts to fulfil the conditions set by his uncle to retrieve his multi-million inheritance: he must marry a witch.

The Littlest Witch is a translation from Italian to English. An imaginative story based around the entertaining antics of the Zep family, it is certainly relatable for anyone with quirky relatives. The narrator often interjects to comment on the story, providing humorous insights, explanations and passing judgement on the horrible Alfonso.

The story mainly focuses on the family relationships, and takes its time telling the story of Alfonso in his year-long search of a witch bride. While we get to know some fun titbits about each sister, we do not get the chance to appreciate them fully. This would appeal better to those interested in seeing what life is like with a big, energetic family, rather than to those looking for an adventurous story full of twists and turns.

The illustrations by Mark Beech hold the same nostalgia inspired by the works of Quentin Blake and Roald Dahl. They are funny, playful and notably one of the highlights of this book.