The Lost Property Office

A little girl and her mummy are on the way to visit Grandpa. They make their way through the busy train station, Mummy holding on to the little girl and the little girl holding onto her Teddy, but when they arrive at their destination, calamity strikes – Teddy is missing! Grandpa tries to help, but one of Mummy’s old bears is a poor replacement for her own Teddy. The little girl worries that Teddy is lost forever, she even has dreams about him being in a magical room where all the lost things go. She tells Grandpa about the dream and it gives him an idea. He brings his granddaughter on another trip, a journey to the Lost Property Office to find Teddy.

Emily Rand is a London-based illustrator who has written and illustrated several picturebooks including last year’s beautiful In The Darkness Of The Night. The Lost Property Office follows that book in style with plenty of large, wonderfully detailed illustrations, but replaces the rich blue nighttime palette with muted city-grey colours upon which the colourful, vibrant wonders on the shelves of the office spring into life.

Small children will love the simple narrative and will relish the rich detail and patterns that Rand has woven into her gorgeous illustrations.