The M Word

Maggie’s mum is having a hard time. Having recently lost her job, she has taken to staying in the house with the curtains closed all day. Maggie feels the weight of her mum’s sadness and is convinced that she can find a way to cheer her mum up. This mission would be easier if Maggie wasn’t already juggling some very heavy struggles of her own. Moya, Maggie’s best friend, passed away a few months ago. Maggie shoulders a lot of blame for Moya’s death. She feels she could have helped her friend more. Maggie still speaks to Moya every day. This is one of the only emotional outlets that Maggie has. Another way that Maggie deals with her grief and mental health difficulties is through self-harm.

This is a very immersive read and the emotionally raw content can be difficult at times. The reader gets an intensive look into Maggie’s mind as she struggles to make sense of her current situation. It is no secret that Brian Conaghan has a way of shining a light on some of life’s most difficult situations. In a similar vein to The Weight of A Thousand Feathers, this story is one of true pain and struggle. Conaghan does not shy away from the painful realities of grief or self-harm in this book. A difficult read at times, but one that many readers will see their lives or the lives of a loved one reflected in.