The Miracle on Ebenezer Street

George’s father will not allow any mention of Christmas since the death of George’s mother on Christmas Eve three years ago. But when George discovers a shop that sells magical items and a snow globe which has captured one of his own memories, he and his Dad are whisked away to see Christmas past, present and future.

Catherine Doyle’s new book is both a beautiful contemporary retelling of Charles Dickens’s seminal seasonal classic, A Christmas Carol and at the same time a wonderfully original story. The characters and relationships are brilliantly rendered. George’s Irish Nana is witty and wise and there are a number of unique characters that George and his father meet along the way that add a great deal of humour and originality to Doyle’s retelling; including Randolph the purple reindeer and an elf on the shelf called Trixie.

The text is littered with Dickensian references which older readers and adults will enjoy and adventure and humour that children will love. An ideal Christmas read perfect for fans of Matt Haig and Tom Fletcher. Catherine Doyle is a gifted storyteller.