The Misfits Club

This adventure opens with Brian, one of the members of The Misfits Club, who is being chased by a gang intent on harming him. He is confident that he will come to no harm as he is on a bicycle and they are on foot. The best laid plans can however fall and Brian finds himself in peril and unsure of his safety.

Meet the Misfits Club: Brian, Hannah and twins Chris and Sam who have plans for their summer holidays. Enter Amelia, the newest member of the club, who is tasked with investigating an old spooky house…

The characters in this book are written as believable, adventurous and confident detectives. The narrative throughout the book illustrates the belief they have in their abilities and the seriousness with which they go about their investigations.

The illustrations remind the reader that this group of investigators are in fact children and give great dynamism to the whole thing. One such illustration shows the inside of The Misfits Club complete with big soft chairs, cups, books, posters and the obligatory torch, the image of which marks the beginning of each new chapter.

A truly engaging book that will keep the reader on tenterhooks as they journey with these intrepid children on their newest assignment.