The Ogre of Oglefort

Every year the inhabitants of Whipple Road look forward to The Summer Meeting of Unusual Creatures as it gives them a chance to escape their mundane lives and perform their magical skills. However this year, the prophesising Norns unexpectedly turn up and give the unpleasant task of rescuing a princess from an Ogre. And just as unexpectedly, the Hag, Ulf the troll and the orphan boy Ivo are the only ones left to perform it.

As they embark on their journey, they discover that the Norns aren’t very reliable, Ogres aren’t always terrible and perhaps princesses don’t need rescuing after all.

When a book begins with a line like, ‘Most people are happier when their feet are dry’, you just know you are going to enjoy it. Eva Ibbotson has created another delightful tale, taking her reader on a fun and surprising journey that is quite simply enjoyable.

Her ‘Unusual Creatures’ are very human in the best possible sense and her children are kindly heroic. She twists the story at unexpected turns, keeping you laughing, scaring you just enough, and giving her characters a depth of empathy that only those who are truly gifted writers can achieve.