The Perfect Sofa

Panda and Penguin need a new sofa. Their current comfy one is torn and shabby and the springs inside have sprung loose. They decide to go shopping to seek out the perfect sofa. But will they find it?

Panda and Penguin’s quest leads them to sofas that are too big, too small, too colourful and too squishy. Author and illustrator Fifi Kuo depicts their search with great ingenuity and a winning sense of humour. In addition to the aforementioned problematic sofas, there is a Piet Mondrian inspired geometric sofa that is deemed ‘too modern’ and a take on Salvador Dali’s famous lips sofa that is definitely ‘too expensive’, boasting a price tag of £9,999,999.

These witty touches make the book a treat for adults and children alike, and the illustrations are simply stunning. Fifi Kuo is a former winner of the Macmillan Prize for Illustration and a current nominee for the Klaus Flugge Prize, which is awarded to the most promising and exciting newcomer to children’s  picturebook illustration. On the evidence presented by The Perfect Sofa it is clear to see why she has been so lauded. Every detail is indeed perfect and the colours and unique drawing style combine to create pictures that are beautiful and immersive.

Fifi Kuo has stated her desire to deliver meaningful messages through her drawings, and The Perfect Sofa does just that in this charming story of friendship with an underlying environmental message. For when no new sofa will do, Panda and Penguin discover the joy of upcycling and end up with their `perfect’ sofa after all.