The Pigeon HAS to Go to School!

Mo Willems’s famous Pigeon is back and this time he absolutely HAS to go to school. However, he is convinced that school is not for him. After all, doesn’t he already know everything? And school starts in the morning and you know what he’s like in the mornings (not pretty!). Pigeon has so many reasons why he shouldn’t go to school. Is there anything that might help him change his mind?

Pigeon is the hero of several books from the award-winning author, illustrator and animator Mo Willems. Pigeon is renowned for his strong opinions and emotional, if hilarious, outbursts. His reaction to having to start school proves no different and makes for a very funny read. But the magic trick that Willems pulls off is to make this a story that works equally well as a means of addressing any worries first-time students might be experiencing in advance of their own big day.

Using the familiar character of Pigeon to give voice to all the anxieties, both big and small, that starting school can bring, Willems has created a book that is sure to become a classic of this mini genre of children’s literature. Any parents looking for a book to reassure their little scholars won’t go wrong with this one. For once his typically over-the-top and extravagant soul-searching is complete, Pigeon ends up convincing himself of the merits of school after all, with the chance for the bus-loving bird to ride the school bus just a big yellow cherry on top.