The Quiet at the End of the World

Lowrie and Shen are two teenagers living in London. They are the only two teenagers living in London – the only two in the whole world. Lowrie and Shen are the two youngest members of the human race left on Earth. After a virus caused worldwide infertility generations ago, Lowrie and Shen, along with their much older parents, and the remaining humans left on Earth, now all living in dilapidated London, must continue to develop a cure to save humankind.

Lauren James invites the reader into a futuristic London, where only a small population of humans remain. But instead of creating a world that has become segregated, tribal, and dangerous, James has imagined a community of scientists, artists, and care-givers who have come together to try and save the human race.

This novel raises relevant questions about over-population, mass extinction and climate change, all the while closely following Lowrie’s hopes and dreams of a future that seems impossible. What would you do if you knew you were one of the last humans left on Earth? What legacy would you want to leave behind – if any?

This speculative novel is full of page-turning, nail-biting scenes, with several shocking twists along the way. While it is a story that poses the bigger questions about humanity, it also finds room for a simple story about family, friendship and love, which turn out to be just as important as saving the world. This is an exciting addition to the sci-fi and spec-fiction genres.