The Rock from the Sky

What could be better than a new story from Jon Klassen? Five new stories from Jon Klassen! At 96 pages, The Rock From The Sky, is bigger than your average 32-page picturebook. It tells its story over five chapters and it is wonderful to spend longer in Klassen’s world.

The book is about a big rock that falls from the sky. Sort of. The rock is really a bookend for the subtle and wonderfully observed interactions between the three main characters. Interactions that, to be honest, would sound totally boring if I tried to describe them here but are hilariously deadpan in the book. I read it with a huge grin on my face from start to end. And if you ever want to hear a grown man giggle, this is the book to do it.

In the opening chapter, the giant rock falling from the sky is a brilliant storytelling device that serves to ramp up the tension as events unfold beneath. Where will it land? Will any of the characters be standing there? The illustration is immediately identifiable as Klassen’s. Those who have read his previous books like Triangle, Square and Circle or the Hat trilogy, will be familiar. Wide-open space, muted tones, tons of texture and simple shapes. And, of course, the ever-wonderful suspicious side-eye.

For ages 5–7 but really the appeal of the characters and their interactions are universal.