The Scarecrow and his Servant

One stormy night a scarecrow is struck by lightning and brought to life. The very next day a small boy called Jack hears the scarecrow calling and decides to go and help him. Jack agrees to become Scarecrow’s personal servant and the two set off on a series of amazing adventures. They make an excellent pair. Scarecrow, whilst resolute in the face of danger, is rescued time and time again by Jack’s quick thinking. In terms of style and genre Pullman’s writing is wide-ranging. In The Scarecrow and his Servant we find a fairytale full of adventure, loyalty, bravery, greed and corruption. The true friendship between Scarecrow and Jack is heartwarming. This is a creative tale told with Pullman’s usual energy. Pullman once again shows his masterly skills as a storyteller of wit and wisdom. This book is highly recommended for readers of 8+.