The Snowflake

Award-winning author illustrator Benji Davis has created yet another beautiful picturebook in The Snowflake. A little snowflake who isn’t so sure of how to fall is gently dropped from a kindly cloud with words of encouragement that everything will be alright, and they will eventually find the perfect place to land. Meanwhile, little Noelle and her grandad Pappi are strolling thought the pre-Christmas streets admiring the large, glittering trees in the big houses. When Noelle finds a small branch on the ground, she is determined to make her own beautiful tree. The only thing missing is a star.

Very much a visual storyteller whose background lies in animation, Davies has created a storybook which the reader can almost step into. Through his use of colour and tone, Davies creates a series of atmospheric scenes. A palette of icy blues with a hint of pink creates the perfect winter sky just before the snow arrives, while the indoor scenes offer the contrast of deep reds and bright yellows, that convey a child’s joyous anticipation of Christmas. Set in a picture-perfect town, with lit-up windows and snow-covered paths, The Snowflake has a nostalgic quality about it. The simplicity of the storyline contrasts beautifully with the rich visuals. A truly gorgeous book that should be taken out every Christmas.