The Star-Spun Web

Tess de Sousa is no ordinary orphan. As a baby, she was left in the care of the kind and loving teachers of Ackerbee’s Home for Lost and Foundlings. Knowing nothing of her parentage or background, Tess yearns to learn more about her mysterious origins when a man claiming to be a distant relative comes to adopt her and take her away to a new life at Roedeer Lodge. But on discovering the truth of her past, she realizes she is the key to a terrible plan that may bring destruction to her own world and perhaps to worlds beyond…

The Star-Spun Web is the second book from Sinéad O’Hart, following the successful publication of her first novel, The Eye of the North, in 2018. Featuring an entirely new setting and cast of characters, The Star-Spun Web emphatically confirms the promise and talent of O’Hart’s excellent début.

The story is breathlessly exciting and compels the reader to turn the pages to discover the fate of brave, intelligent Tess and of course her pet tarantula Violet. Tess, her friends and foes are vividly drawn and the descriptive writing brings each scene and setting to animated life. The parallel worlds and alternative time lines are fantastical concepts but remain realistic and relatable thanks to O’Hart’s direct writing style.

It is always a pleasure to see a strong, brave girl at the centre of the action and this is a novel that will appeal to all readers in search of an unforgettable adventure. A triumph from start to finish.