The Station Mouse

Maurice the mouse is the latest recruit to the station house team. He is an enthusiastic, diligent little worker, and happy to follow all the strict rules of the station until the day he sees a little passenger in need of his services. He breaks the strict rules but there are consequences to his actions…

Meg McLaren’s book is just delightful. Her illustrations are full of information and fun. She really captures the feeling of Maurice the mouse scurrying around and enjoying his duties in the lost property section of a busy station. Each page has much to explore and delight in when reading to a younger child. With a child a little older, aged 5 or 6, the story might prompt a chat about rules and when to break them. The story is fun and light and a lovely read. There are a few different typefaces throughout the book, but all are clearly set and easy to read. A nice book to explore for an early reader.

The original storyline and the charming illustrations create a wonderful book and definitely make for a lovely bedtime read.