The Steves

Steve meets Steve, but who was there first? Who was the original Steve? Neither can believe it! Surely, there can only be one Steve… Anything else would be nonsense! Or maybe two, but one has to be the second Steve. These two puffins are outraged. Their argument descends into sillier and sillier claims and hurtful name-calling. Finally, they realise there isn’t really anything to argue about; the can both be Steve. But then…

With a bright, colourful palette and simple dialogue, this picturebook illustrates how easy it is to fall out over something silly. As the puffins become more determined to ‘win’, they lose sight of what is really important. It’s only as it occurs to them how mean they are becoming that they regret their behaviour. Outstanding in its demonstration of the ridiculousness of arguments children (and grown-ups!) sometimes have, it also shows how we should value and celebrate our differences rather than strive to be the same or to be better. Rather, we should just be the best at being ourselves.

The Steves gives a lesson in identity, but also in language and colour. The pages are vibrant and alive, the story full of energy and laughter. This book will want to be read over and over. It will charm the whole family.  Eye-catching, laugh-out-loud funny and heart-warming.