The Superhero Handbook

‘Where does he get such wonderful toys?’ is the memorable line from the Joker in Tim Burton’s original Batman movie. According to this book, Batman probably made them himself and it shows you step by step how you can do the same. From Utility belts, Mega Blasters, Jetpacks and Stink Bombs, the handbook features 20 different projects to develop your own tools, gadgets and weaponry.

After zipping through the formalities of setting up your superhero/superheroine identity, the book gives you recipes, instructions and ideas so you can expand your superhero powers. The projects are impressive by their simplicity and practicality. The reader will not be stuck waiting weeks for the washing up liquid bottle to empty. Nearly every set of instructions and requirements involves very common household items you are guaranteed to have at home. Although you may not have any left at the end.

The illustration is comic book style. Chunky lines and vibrant colour reveal a character design ideal for a young audience. Particularly well done is how clear and easy to understand each step of the instructions is, which reveal the teaching and communication experience of the team behind the book.

At its core, this book is a science experiments/make-and-do book for your readers of 6-8 years old wrapped up in a superhero theme. The projects look very easy and lots of (sometimes messy) fun.