The Tiptoeing Tiger

It is hard to be small and cute when you desperately want to be the sleek, silent and totally terrifying tiger you think you should be. Determined to find someone to frighten and to prove his big brother wrong, Little Tiger sets out through the forest. Yawned at and laughed at, he refuses to give up. Surely there has to be someone he can frighten?

Every child loves to play hide and seek, to sneak up behind someone and jump out shouting ‘boo’ or ‘roar’. This beautifully illustrated tale of determination to frighten someone with a mighty ‘roar’ really engages young readers as they will Little Tiger on and can join in to shout ‘ROOOOARRRR!’

The arresting yet muted water-colour and pen illustrations add real warmth and complement the story perfectly. They expertly capture the suspense of Little Tiger tiptoeing around the forest, his sadness when he can’t quite seem to get it right and his determination that he will frighten someone with his totally terrifying roar.

A great read for 2–7 that would also work really well when read to a group.