The Traveller

Sitting around the fire in a weather-beaten inn during a raging storm, an old man tells the tale of the mysterious traveller who sought out information on the cruel and murderous Lord Aleslan, whose castle lay to the West. Aleslan, the traveller was told, ruled over his starving tenants without compassion or pity, and imprisoned his beautiful young wife in his castle until she withered and died, but not before she bore him a son. The traveller left the inn that night to slay Lord Aleslan with his silver sword, but was never seen again. Now, fifteen years later, the old man is to learn the ending to his story – from another traveller to the inn, this time a young boy.

Atmospheric in its simple telling, The Traveller is from Barrington Stoke’s terrific dyslexia-friendly series, which features books from popular, high profile authors. It is printed on thick, cream paper, with carefully chosen font and spacing, to maximize readability for those with reading difficulties. The story is aimed at teens, with a language level for 7yrs+, and should appeal to all age groups in between. Essentially a story within a story, the pace is slow and the action somewhat removed, but the pleasure is in the story-telling, and readers can imagine themselves gathered around that fire, listening to the old man talk on. With simple, evocative black & white illustrations, the book has the feel of a classic.