The Unworry Book

Everybody worries; it’s a fact. Children worry more than we might like to think. This book acts as a toolkit to help them deal with their fears and anxieties with practical action that really does help.

Designed as a book to use, not simply read, there are pages to write and scribble in. There are mindfulness activities, colouring, doodling, mazes, puzzles. These are extremely important, as one of the things that happens in a worried or stressed state is that our brain forgets how to function outside of that worry. Simple activities, like doodling, can help calm re-enter the body and mind. There are even pages on the usefulness of stories and escapism; creativity and distraction techniques, with story starters to help the reader along.

The importance of physically engaging with stress and worries is highlighted through writing, making, moving and using your body to help address your feelings. Frequently, the actual emotions behind the worries get lost somewhere. A five-day diary, mood grids, a ‘build-yourself-up’ page and sections on understanding what is important and what you can control, help build an understanding of how the reader is really feeling.

Alongside all of this is useful information that is easily accessible to adults and children alike. Written with the input of psychologists, links have been included where you can find additional tips, advice and support.

An exceptional resource for every home, this would also be very useful in classrooms as more schools teach mindfulness and mental health.