The Usborne Book of Night Time

The Usborne Book of Night Time is a wonderfully detailed picturebook with magical illustrations by Bonnie Pang. Interesting facts and witty speech bubbles are written by Laura Cowan. Each double-page spread visually describes a different place that is ‘awake’ at night time: factories, transport depots and ports that are as busy at night as during the day, nocturnal animals in suburban habitats, under the sea, in a desert and in a forest. Explore the different parts of our world that are wide awake while the rest of us sleep.

The style of the book and the detail of the illustrations and text make it most suited to one-to-one reading (as opposed to read-aloud books for groups of children). Each page of this book is stuffed full of fascinating talking points for children who love to pore over busy illustrations. While it can be read cover to cover, it can also simply be opened at a random page. It’s a fantastic book for encouraging adult-child interaction and discussion while reading.

Storybooks that are designed to be read cover to cover are wonderfully popular, but not every child, or indeed every adult, enjoys that style of book. So, it’s extremely worthwhile to offer different types of books in a home or school library. The Usborne Book of Night Time is such a book. This one should be popular with readers who like Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharrat’s You Choose series of books or Richard Scarry’s Busytown books.