The Wizards of Once

The bestselling author-illustrator of the How to Train Your Dragon series is back for the pleasure of all her avid fans with a brand new book series, the Wizards of Once. Cressida Cowell transports us into a brilliantly imagined world, starting in an enchanted primeval land with a supporting cast of magical creatures: sprites, fairies, ogres, giants, scary witches and one fantastically annoyed raven.

Xar, a wizard without magic in a world where magic is everything, decides one night, to go seek out a Witch (thought to be extinct) to make her power his own. On that same night, in the nearby warrior queendom where magic is banned, Wish, a princess has sneaked out in search of her forbidden magic pet, a spoon that has run away into the forest. Xar and Wish have been told since birth to hate each other like poison, but fate has decided to bring them on the same path where a great adventure awaits. With the help of all their friends, this odd duo will have to work hand in hand in order to save both human and magic worlds from the evil clutches of the Witches.

The Wizards of Once, the first book of this new epic series, announces a very promising adventure to jump in and explore the new land created by Cressida Cowell. Her well know childlike and rough-style illustration blends perfectly with her witty humour and succinct writing. The cliff-hanger ending will have all readers longing for the next instalment.