The Wonder of Trees

The incredible duo that produced The Variety of Life has produced another gem, The Wonder of Trees – a big, bright and beautiful book all about ‘huge green beings’. Davies, a hugely popular nature writer, gives concise and clear information on all kinds of engrossing aspects of the lives of trees. Her captivating text is expertly illuminated by Scobie, whose colourful pictures vary from neatly accurate botanical depictions to absolutely adorable illustrations.

From the crown to the roots, a huge array of tree topics are covered in detail. Readers will find out how trees communicate with each other, where they grow best, why their leaves change colour, what trees do for the Earth, and much, MUCH more. Of course, trees cannot survive without surrounding wildlife, and the co-authors have worked to include illustrations on animals, flowers, insects and even fungus that might be local to the featured trees.

Although this book is long and over-sized, it is divided into digestible sections. Readers might enjoy dipping in and out, or they might enjoy devouring the whole book in one sitting. One thing is sure, all the naturalists out there will be delighted with it. The Wonder of Trees is highly recommended for everyone (ages 5 – 8 and up). It is a treasure.