They Came From Planet Zabalooloo!

Clever Zoron, super strong Bazoo and wiggle-woggle dancing Zob travel to Earth from the Planet Zabalooloo in their mega-cool, party-area equipped spaceship (‘Yeahhh!’) on a mission to find a BIG-SIZE thing and bring it home. Thanks to Bazoo being a COMPLETE NINCOMPOOP, the capture of the BIG-SIZED thing, an elephant, doesn’t quite work out. And due to Zob’s penchant for wiggle-woggle dancing, neither does the attempted abduction of the MEDIUM-SIZED lion. Can Zoron come through for the team when it comes to snaring a SMALL SIZE thing? Well, I won’t give away the ending. All I’ll say is OOH LA LA!

Narrated by Zoron in a Zabalooloo-ian’s version of pidgin English, this book was written to be read aloud, preferably using an array of funny voices. Sean Taylor, author of Where The Bugaboo Lives, makes sure that the story cracks along at a pace that will keep even the very young interested. Birmingham-based Kate Hindley, who also provided the artwork for two of my favourite children’s books, Oliver & Patch and the superb, Richard Scarry-like, You Must Bring a Hat, brings a comic strip sensibility to the way-out, wacky worlds of both Zabalooloo and Earth.