They didn’t teach THIS in worm school!

Marcus, the worm, is about to be eaten by a chicken, Laurence, when his courage makes his inevitable fate take an unexpected turn. The pair ends up on a voyage to Kenya – well, really the local zoo – where Laurence, who believes he is a flamingo, wants to meet his fellow flamingos. On the supposedly long journey, they meet many perils and dangerous characters who try to thwart their plans, but their loyalty to each other wins the day.

The silly humour and madcap, ridiculous adventure that is captured in this story is just the sort of fun that eight year olds enjoy. Attractively rendered in black, grey, white and red, the pictures complement the wacky nature of the tale. The level-headed and logical nature of the main character is wonderfully foiled by the zany and absurd antics of the remaining protagonists peppered throughout the tale.

Ultimately, the story is one of acceptance of self, and others, resilience and friendship. The characters realise that all they needed and desired was available to them in their own environment with the friends they knew, and not in the unrealistic world of dreams. The message is cleverly woven through the story and would allow for readers to consider the significance of loyalty and honesty in relationships.