This is a Dog

This is a Dog is yet another very funny picturebook by the creator of There’s a Bear on my Chair and This Zoo is Not for You, Ross Collins. Its main character is inspired by Collins’s own pooch, Hugo, and just like him, Dog wants to be the centre of attention. He’s so intent in doing so that he cleverly tries to take over all the pages of a book entitled “My First Animal book”. The short sentences may lead you to think this is, in fact, an animal book, but you’ll discover soon enough what the book is really about.

The words play very well with the images, even sometimes contradicting them and every page keeps the reader wondering what’s going to happen next. This is a Dog has simple yet impactful illustrations, mostly comprised of a plain coloured background with animal characters drawn in crayon and watercolour, in Collins’s distinctive style, but don’t be fooled! Collins is a master in facial expressions and body language, ensuring that every read with be filled with giggles and laughter.

This is a Dog is sure to become a bedtime favourite for little ones and the grownups reading to them.