This is Gus

The book’s dedication reads ‘For Vinaya, thank you for putting up with me on my Gus days’. Gus is a grumpy dog; he ‘doesn’t like much of anything’. In fact, the only thing this old crank seems to want is a big plate of sausages. We all have days like Gus.

Gus isn’t the only one who likes sausages. A new pup comes along and he shares the grouch’s sizzling affection. This excitable, affectionate young pup also loves to spend time with Gus. Gus’s grumpy eyebrows tell another story. That is until the crotchety old dog makes the biggest gesture of all – by sharing his sausages! Maybe Gus loves something – or someone – else too!

This is Gus is a humorous story told in simple and effective prose. The print is big, leaving space for Chatterton’s animated illustrations that bring the book to life – and often tell a different story to the text itself. These illustrations have a refined emotional quality that complement the story’s humour with a visible tenderness. This is Gus is a colourful and bold production, attractive as any plate of sausages and a gentle reminder that even on our Gus days, we always have the space to be kind!