This Love

This book is a glorious riot of colour and energy. Told in verse, it features children of all colours and cultures united by their universal need for love. The rainbow on the front cover is a great metaphor for the inclusion shown inside. We see children being raised successfully in a huge variety of settings – mixed-race families, traditional family groups, single parents, same-sex parents, and grandparents. The message throughout is that children are happiest growing up in loving relationships, irrespective of what type of family they have. Whether they live in hot countries, cold countries, wet countries, or dry countries, the children are depicted running and playing, working and laughing, but all being loved and watched over by caring adults.

Young readers will enjoy this book – there is the novelty of the peep-hole pages and the wonderful colour as well the warm feeling generated by the combination of the appealing artwork and gentle rhythm of the text. There is much to discuss and explore. They will enjoy looking at the many different children depicted. A small niggle might be that all the children shown are able-bodied. However, that said, the book is still a splendid celebration of harmony and inclusion, and a strong reminder in these times of growing exclusion, that love is really all we need to help us thrive and grow up to be caring and welcoming human beings.