This or That?

There is a refrain that repeats throughout the book – ‘All around the world and through, people have…’ – and so begins a history of people, a veritable museum of items from across time.  Each spread is full of over thirty images – all items that can be found in the British Museum. There is a broad sweep of all peoples from across the world through history – rich and poor, children and adults, wild beasts and friendly pets.

Each spread focuses on a different facet of human life and asks which one you would choose. Which type of food from history appeals? The hand-coloured etchings of glass jars filled with sweets or the clay Sri Lankan tomato? What instrument would you like to play? The four-thousand-year-old lyre or the Tibetan silver trumpets? It is a book to look long at on your own or ask questions with someone.

The QR code feature means that a young reader can find out more about the fascinating items from the British Museum. By clicking on an item, a page appears that not only shows the item in greater detail but explains its origins. Perhaps most significant of all, it asks questions of the reader about them, questions that any visitor to a museum might ask. This feature not only adds another dimension to the book, but inquiry like this brings history to life.