Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug

This is a tale about Tiny T. Rex – a dear little dinosaur determined to help his friend and give him a big hug. Tiny believes that ‘’each day I am growing taller but my arms are still tiny, hugging almost seems impossible for a Rex as tiny as me.’ However, Tiny T keeps challenging himself and shows his strength no matter what his physical limitations are.

This story of affection and the power of friendship expresses the lengths we will go to for our loved ones. The importance of determination, setting out plans, achieving goals, and never giving up is the wonderful message this book gives to young readers and adults alike.

The illustration with its bright blocks of colours and geometric shapes shows striking style by Fleck. Each page is polished and punchy. The cover design by Jennifer Tolo Pierce pops out, making one stop to look. It’s not often that you find a wealth of information about the making of the book, from how the illustrations were rendered (in pencil and coloured digitally) to the typeset used (intelo and Brandon Printed, a choice which complements the narrative and the robust shapes of dinosaurs!). Illustrators and picturebook lovers are in for an additional treat when purchasing a book from Chronicle publishing house.

Tiny T. Rex is a lovely book. The finale features a double spread of our two devoted dinosaurs walking into a rose sunset after one of life’s significant journeys.