To Night Owl from Dogfish

Imagine a scenario where your dad falls in love with another man and you don’t want that to happen. How about if the daughter of the other man felt exactly the same? Could you both plan to break up their relationship? This is the predicament facing the very efficient and super intelligent Avery and the more adventurous and outgoing Bett. The problem is that they live in different parts of America – until their Dads decide it would be great if they spent time together in Summer Camp for the entire holidays.

This reverse Parent Trap is wonderfully told via the medium of emails and letters between all the characters in this story. The girls Avery (now Night Owl) and Bett (Dogfish) are sent away to camp bond against their will, but when Bett starts to rebel against camp rules the nature of their differences means they become the unlikeliest of friends, only to discover that their Dads have broken up. In a cruel twist, both girls, who have never had siblings, can only imagine each other as their best friend and now have to reunite their fathers, against difficult circumstances.

Telling the story through emails and letters means that young readers get short chapters, honestly voiced, although towards the end there were some jumps in storytelling as the events became more dramatic. A heart-warming tale about all types of families and relationships.