Toto the Ninja Cat and the Great Snake Escape

Toto and her brother Silver live in a posh London townhouse, where they are pampered and live a good life. By day, they are completely normal cats. While Toto was born nearly blind. Silver acts as her ‘eyes’, but she has been trained to trust her senses and feel her surrounding by a ninja cat-master. By night, they love to have incredible adventures; the more daring, the better! One night, they learn that the most dangerous, deadly king cobra in the London Zoo has escaped. So they dive into the Animal Underground and are off on the undertaking of a lifetime. With the help of a very strange feline named Catface and two very hungry tigers, Toto and Silver are on the case! Toto is going to have to use all her ninja skills to find the snake before it’s too late…

A rollicking dramatic adventure, Toto the Ninja Cat is great fun and will keep young readers on the edge of their seats and laughing out loud. Peppered with Easts’s wonderful illustrations that really help create the atmosphere and enhance imagination, this story is so much fun! A great use of language, fluid storyline and a pace that really drives forward, encourage even the youngest readers to get involved.

While I am usually sceptical of ‘celebrity writers’, O’Leary has written a real gem. It has all the elements that children look for in a book. A great one to read together, as well. I loved it!