Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too)

This is a difficult book to review. It has all the visual quality you can expect from the guys at NoBrow: beautiful retro illustrated spreads, almost no text to get in the middle of that visual feast. It is gorgeous.

But the question is, does it work as a book?

The whole book revolves around the feeling of sadness, but each of the situations illustrated are quite difficult to interpret and therefore to relate to. I feel the narrative doesn’t flow and the images don’t help to guide the text (or vice versa). When you get to the final spread you feel the book is just trying to wrap up a few isolated thoughts.

It only makes sense when you see the inside covers and you discover there are two actual characters in the book (a father and a son) and that the book images originate in their imagination…

So, it is a quite a difficult book to review. Its production, the quality of the images are top-notch. Definitely a beauty to treasure. But I don’t feel it is done with children in mind. Although I would love to be wrong on this.