Treasure Hunt: A Keepsake Activity Book

Treasure Hunt by Alice Melvin is a unique idea for those who enjoy collecting the odd and wonderful objects that can be found in the world around us. It is an activity book that provides a place or ideas for things to make with the tiny treasures that we find on our everyday travels.

For example, there is a page with a beautifully illustrated bird that the can be embellished, in the blank space provided, with feathers you have found. There are also maps to complete and even a place for the stickers that come with shop-bought fruit.

Alice Melvin uses a sophisticated colour palette and each page is illustrated with her lovely, stylised artwork. When combined with the individual drawings and treasures of the participant it should become a unique and special book.

In a very parent-friendly way, this book ends with activities to remind young treasure hunters to get ready for bed. When completed, it should be a keepsake that not only finds creative space for found objects, but that may also be a reminder of past events.

There are hours of fun in this unique activity book that may spark other adventures and additional treasure hunts.