Treasure Hunt House

On a sunny Tuesday in October, a brother and a sister receive a mysterious letter by their great-aunt Martha: an invitation to visit her. However, upon arriving at the house, Martha is not there. Instead, the children are led by the housekeeper in a treasure hunt that takes them throughout the house.

The plot of the Treasure Hunt House is not a complicated one, and its ending leaves a bit to desire, but it is a fault that we easily forgive as the many flaps and clues in this book make for a most entertaining read. From the man who invented toilets to carnivore plant Venus Flytrap, each room in the house reveals its lot of random, charming and enlightening information. The clues which the protagonists of the story – and the reader alongside them – are meant to solve are complicated enough to generate some guess-work, but also easy enough to avoid discouragement.

More than anything though, it is Becca Stadtlander’s stunning illustrations which make this book a real treasure trove. The amount of detail put in each spread is marvellous and participates in making the hunt a delightful experience. The Treasure Hunt House would make a perfect Christmas gifts for readers aged 5-10, one that we could imagine children poring over at the foot of the Christmas tree and coming back to throughout the year.