Carmin Lemniscates is an award-winning author, illustrator and designer of children’s books based in Barcelona. Her mixed-media illustrations combine monotype, collage, woodcut and digital. In 2016, she won the prestigious Crítica Serra d’Or Award for Arbres. Trees was then published in English by Walker Studio in 2017.

In this book, the graphic mixed-media illustrations are a colourful collage of shapes, patterns, and textures tied together by a simple blackbird that appears throughout. The tactile cover invites the reader to explore a gorgeously illustrated book about the lives of trees and their wider environment. There are plenty of lovely double-page spreads to do justice to Lemniscate’s talent as an illustrator. The pictures are beautiful, full of life, and rich in texture.

The sparse text is simple and lyrical, leaving space for the reader to contemplate the beauty of trees and the greater environmental message of the book. Adults and children are invited to think about how trees are an important part of life.

I think this pretty book would be a lovely addition to a bookshelf and make a nice gift. In a world where life is moving fast, this book encourages us all to notice how important it can be to stay still for a bit and appreciate wonderful nature.