Twister is a fabulous rollercoaster ride of imagination and excitement. Its main protagonist, Twister, the book’s namesake, is a fiery and fun character who brings us on a magical adventure through forests and rivers on the hunt for her missing Pa. Accompanied by her trusty four-legged friend Point, Twister goes in search of Maymay, the only one who can help her find Pa and in turn bring happiness back to her broken-hearted Ma.

With bullies, missing her Pa, loss, the evil White Eye and dangers of all kinds, Twister has a tough road to travel, but a true heroine, she stays strong and brave throughout the novel and is stronger still with the help of the mysterious and magical Wah.

Beautifully descriptive, this book shares glimpses with us into Twister’s colourful world of witchcraft, magic and forests full of surprises. An exciting, exhilarating read for equally adventurous little women!