Two For Me, One For You

This is a delightful read about the challenges of sharing. Bear finds three mushrooms in the forest and brings them home. Weasel cooks them and Bear puts one mushroom on each plate before giving herself the third one. Weasel is not happy and the pair squabble about the third mushroom. Both have convincing arguments for why they should get the extra mushroom and tempers flare.

At the height of their row, Fox creeps in and steals the third mushroom. Bear and Weasel find common ground again as they complain about the unfairness of Fox’s actions. They enjoy their mushroom dinner and then Weasel presents dessert – three strawberries. Readers will be left wondering if the friends will fight about the third strawberry or have they learned their lesson?

German author and illustrator Jörg Mühle creates cosy forest scenes in this warm and funny story. Weasel works in a homely kitchen where pots and pans hang from tree branches and crockery is displayed in a glass-fronted cupboard. Forest animals peek from tree holes and branches while a mouse sits on a tree-stump, reading. A charming book.