Undercover (Agent 21)

Ricky has been living on the streets for a while, but his life takes a turn when he pickpockets the wrong guy. Ricky is offered a place to stay and money to live off in exchange for learning a particular set of skills, but why does the man want him to learn these skills? Ricky is about to find out. 

Undercover is the sixth novel in the ‘Agent 21’ series. This novel has a lovely flow to it, making it very enjoyable to read. It is well written, with lots of action which keeps the reader on his or her toes. The use of a voice inside his head is an interesting twist to this novel. Ricky’s conversations with himself are realistic (as far as talking to yourself goes), and it's easy to imagine yourself in his position, thinking quickly through all the different solutions to the numerous scenarios he has gotten himself into. 

Ricky is an extremely likeable teenager with good character development, and although his life is out of the ordinary he is relatable. He has a realistic personality which will appeal to teenage readers.

Although I have not read the previous books in the series, this did not affect my enjoyment of this novel. I recommend it to YA readers with a love of action or adventure!