Untold: Lynburn Legacy

Set in the sleepy town of Sorry-in-the-Vale, Untold is the sequel toUnspoken. Kami Glass, the teenage heroine, is determined to keep evil out of her town, so much so that she will do everything that she possibly can to make a difference, helped ably by her circle of friends, including brothers Jared and Ash.
The book is a mixture of magic and mystery. It taps into the supernatural genre whilst also encompassing many of the issues covered in teen-lit and school fiction – romances, confusion about identity and gender roles, confusion about friendship and loyalties.

It definitely helps to have a prior knowledge of the series – Rees Brennan is especially strong at characterisation and storytelling – and it can be perplexing to enter the drama (which is quite complicated) so far into it – a prior knowledge of Unspoken is definitely recommended. Fans of the magical/ supernatural genre and fans of Rees Brennan will be delighted by this darkly comic fantasy.