Very Little Cinderella

It is probably true that every child has had the story of Cinderella read to them over and over again. Every time we hear the story we secretly hope that Cinderella will have a happier life.

Fear not, Very Little Cinderella has come to the rescue, and with excellent child centered illustrations every reader whether adult or child is in for a unique treat.

Very Little Cinderella is a little girl who has a mind of her own. She is industrious, fastidious and lovable. While the story has some unusual twists it never loses its charm and is unique in the way in which it breathes a new angle on this very popular fairytale. The language used is that of a child interspersed with the usual grammatical errors which make it more appealing. 

The illustrations provide colourful support for a very lively text. They show our new age Cinderella multitasking under the watchful eye of her constant companion, her teddy. Teddy has the role of observer and his ever-changing facial features reflect perfectly how he feels about the mayhem of the household. Enter the Prince who on saving the day is invited by Very Little Cinderella to play. As for the happy ever after… you won’t be disappointed.

Very Little Cinderella is a well thought out and excellently illustrated book worth having.