Welcome to our World: A Celebration of Children Everywhere.

This is quite simply one of the most sumptuous non-fiction books for young readers at the moment. It makes a considerable effort to only delve into important things that little children would prefer to learn; like how do you cure your hiccups in Mexico? With red string stuck to your forehead, of course! Or what do mice say in different countries? Pip, pip in Sweden, zi zi in China and squitt squitt in Italy.

Butterfield has a wealth of facts about how and where children go to school, what happens when your tooth comes out, behaviours that can be either polite or rude, and what colour underpants is good luck – all dependent on where you are in the world. What makes this book stand out is its gentle informative tone, but still packed with short funny and interesting details.

Lynas’s illustrations are warm and endearing with boys and girls from every nation represented at home, at school and most especially at play. There is a myriad of colourful figures on every spread that will allow readers to compare how different children learn and grow.

An excellent source of fascinating world facts – like why you don’t take a banana on a Hawaiian boat or why you shouldn’t whistle in the dark in Thailand, and the phrases in native languages means that you may have a little polyglot on your hands by the end of this read.

Always fascinating and fun. A delight to read.