When I Grow Up…

Designed and published by PatrickGeorge, When I Grow Up is the sixth in a series of very simple books aimed at pre-schoolers. Dreaming of what they will one day become is the charm of early childhood when the world is full of possibility, and before the cold reality of career choice kicks in.

Somewhat like a dress-up box, each page presents a new surprise, and little readers will delight in exploring all the lives they could pursue from an artist to a zookeeper. Each left hand page of the book presents a very cute image of a small child, but through the clever use of acetate pages, the children are magically transformed into a pilot, pirate, shopkeeper, film-star, clown, scientist, astronaut and so on. Its only drawback is that the occupations tend to be gender stereotypical insofar as the pilot, pirate, astronaut and scientist are male, and the film-star and artist are female!

A charming book that celebrates childhood imagination, When I Grow Up combines simple colourful images with clear basic text that will definitely appeal to toddlers and young children.