Wild Song

Wild Song tells the story of Anna who has grown up on a remote island with her father. She has been sheltered from the world and longs to travel and explore and to meet new people, but her father has given her this impression that the world is a bad place and that it is out to get her. When a boy washes up on the island after being involved in an accident, everything begins to change. Anna discovers things are not quite what they seem.

This is a fast-paced story that is energetic, filled with adventure, love, deception and fear. It keeps you captivated and is easy to enjoy, but it ends very abruptly. Just when you feel the story is getting to a new peak it is all over, there are normally two reasons for this, either there is a sequel planned or the story itself ran out of steam from the writer’s point of view.

I feel that it is probably the former, as the book ends with a new beginning, another story to be told. Writing short novels or stories can be very difficult to do and Jane Eagland has managed to pack in a lot of excitement into 71 pages. This book is ideal for reluctant readers as it is not too long or overwhelming, it is also designed with people who have dyslexia in mind as the font and page colour makes words easier to identify.